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Tuohua was established in 1996, relying on the polyethylene nets & shade nets, shade nets processing factory and manufacturer as the backbone, we have gradually developed the import and export business. 

We have an export trade system with high-density polyethylene nets including shade cloth, shade nets, polyethylene privacy screen, balcony screen nets, agricultural shade netting, shade sail – as our core products. We regard product quality as the lifeblood of our company and have established a quality management system with ISO9001 certification. We have the most stable supplier system, the most experienced staff, and the most efficient company management and trading team. In recent years, we have passed BV certification, TUV certification and SGS certification, and the quality of our products has been recognized and praised by international customers.

Our Products

Tuohua has HDPE nets including shade cloth, shade nets, privacy screen, plastic mesh, agricultural shade netting, garden fence mesh, privacy fence screen, balcony screen, shade sail, etc. with polyethylene netting as the core product through weaving and extrusion, BOP stretching and other processing methods. By developing further processing projects and OEM projects, our shade sail products are also favored by many European and American customers. All of our products have obtained ISO9001 and SGS certificates.

Polyethylene Nets Solutions

Tuohua has a wide range of polyethylene mesh products in a wide variety of sizes, and we have the equipment and product lines to support the specifications of all the mainstream products in the market. Our extensive polyethylene product line allows us to have solutions based on different application scenarios. 

Our solutions are divided into four categories, including commercial, agricultural, household, and outdoor use. The commercial shade fabric series includes polyehtylene privacy fence screen, fence safety net, orange warning fence, scaffold debris netting, construction safety netting, shade cloth, shade nets, green nets, shade fabric, shade cover, debris safety netting.


Agro Shade Cloth

Agro Shade Cloth for Green Agricultural shade cloth is a fabric made from high-density polyethylene material that is processed through a drawing and weaving process […]


Commerical Shade Nets

Commercial Shade Nets for Restaurant Sunshade net products can improve the customer experience of the hotel, which has obvious economic benefits for the owner […]

Balcony Privacy Screen

Polyethylene privacy screen for balcony.The balcony privacy screen is a privacy screen woven from polyethylene fibers with a high woven density. Because it […]


Garden Fence Mesh

Plastic Fencing Mesh for Garden Fence Mesh Garden fence mesh is a kind of multifunctional plastic fence mesh. There are generally two types of garden fence […]

Anti Bird Netting

Anti Bird Netting for Agriculture Bird-proof net is a kind of plastic bird-proof net made of high-density polyethylene material through extrusion and stretching process. […]


Plant Trellis Netting

The plant grid is a tool to assist plant growth. It can usually be used as a support for climbing plants or used to control the reasonable distribution of plants, […]

Scaffolding Safety Nets

Scaffolding safety nets – reliable polyethylene safety nets. The scaffolding safety net is a specially designed plastic nets made of high-density polyethylene material […]


Construction Warning Fence

Plastic Fencing Nets applied as Construction Warning Fence The building warning fence is a temporary fence, very eye-catching, usually orange and yellow.Building warning […]

The agricultural netting series includes agricultural shade netting, agro shade cloth, shade nets, greenhouse shade net, anti bird netting, plastic bird netting, plant trellis netting, plant support net, plastic fence net, anti hail net, aluminum foil shade cloth, windbreak netting, plastic deer fence.

The home and garden use household series includes heavy-duty plastic fence, plastic fence net, plastic garden fence mesh, patio shade cloth, shade nets, privacy fence screen, balcony privacy screen, shade sail, plastic deer fence, and the outdoor use series includes scaffolding safety nets, construction warning fence, garden fence mesh, outdoor fence screen,outdoor shade sail. 

As a professional polyethylene netting supplier, we specialize in polyethylene netting solutions and are able to provide a one-stop purchasing experience for our customers.

Why Tuohua

100% Delivery On Time

Advanced ERP software system is make sure that Fast and prompt manufacturing and short shipment period, timely delivery and fast installation.

30+ Senior Sales in Service Team

Tuohua provides value to you 24x7 service, quick response, immediate attention and the best action path to address your servicing needs from our 30 service experts.

20+year Manufacture Experience

Tuohua factory was founded in 1996, we own the rich Production and Quality Management experience to ensure the Products to meet customer’s quality and loading request

100% Quality Assurance

Tuhua products have passed SGS ,Bureau Veritas and TUV certification. Quality is the first competitive power that is our slogan, with fully quality management system.

10+year OEM&ODM Experience

We supply OEM&ODM for customer’s different demand. Our goal is to be the quick, accurate and popular source of choice to help you gain the market.

100% Credit Assurance

Tuohua evolves strong customer relationships from years of working , attend to many exhibitions to build reputation, more than 20 years of efforts by our dedicated and focused team.

News and Delivery

Tuohua Plastic is a large producer and supplier of polyethylene netting, shade nets, privacy screen nets, fence netting, and we supply polyethylene mesh products to international distributors and international trade agents. 

We have a very complete pulsating production line with huge annual production capacity, timely delivery and competitive prices. We focus on the market share of our products and monitor the price changes in the market to be able to provide our customers with good quality products at good prices. We enable our customers to have competitive products and help them to develop and grow.
This is our product and shipment news, where you can learn about product expertise and product shipment.

April 6, 2024

Fence shade netting made of high density polyethylene

Fence shade netting made of high density polyethylene Fence shade netting is made from high density polyethylene material. Usually we use mostly shading rates of around 85% to 97%. Since there is no product with 100% shade to date, all […]
February 1, 2024

Green Shade Netting Manufacturer, Shade Netting Manufacturer

Green Shade Netting Manufacturer, Shade Netting Manufacturer Green shade netting is very easy to use as a shade material for domestic use. It is easy to install, easy to dismantle, and takes up no space for storage. Green shade netting […]
November 19, 2023

Shade nets can be used in many industries such as vegetable greenhouses

The use of different shade nets for agricultural vegetables depends on the type of crop and local climate temperature to choose the right shade net to use. Greenhouse shade netting is one of the widely used shade products in agricultural […]


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