Fence Screen Series

The fence screen is made of high-density polyethylene material, which is specially designed for residential and commercial use.

Fence screen fabrics with different levels of light transmittance can be used with other types of fences or supporting structures to build visual barriers and shadows. The anti-ultraviolet privacy net designed for outdoor environments can be used to hide buildings, backyards, balconies, construction sites and other areas. Alt name: as konwn fence screen, fence netting, fencing screen, fencing fabric, privacy screen, privacy shade screen, privacy fence screen.

The privacy fence screen is a fabric made of HDPE material. It has a reinforced edge specially designed for the fence and a convenient fixing (cable) with webbing grommet eyelet, which can be easily fixed on your fence or balcony.

Debris safety net is a kind of safety protection material used to prevent debris from falling during building construction. As a safety net, the debris safety net uses heavy-duty high-density polyethylene as the raw material. 

Balcony privacy net is a kind of privacy protection material woven by high-density polyethylene material, usually used on the balcony or fence of home or commercial place. The balcony privacy net has a reinforced edge.

As a temporary fence, the warning fence net provides a conspicuous visual barrier that serves as a warning and diversion function for construction sites, traffic control, crowd order or sports events,  preventing snow, wind and sand.

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Fence Screen​ Series​

Woven fence mesh is also a type of PE woven mesh, which has a very wide range of applications depending on color, pattern, width, and grommets. The common ones are warning fence mesh, balcony privacy mesh, garden privacy mesh, etc.

Fencing fabric screen
  • The fence screen is made of high-density polyethylene material through drawing, color matching, weaving, edge reinforcement and other processing steps. The fence mesh fabric has different levels of light transmittance, and the edge is made tighter and stronger through a special weaving method, and then installed with a uniform pre-installed grommet (button eye), which is exquisite in appearance and easy to install.
  • It is often used by households and businesses. Fence privacy net, balcony privacy net, safety protection net, debris protection net, warning fence net, fence screen, fence netting, fencing screen, fencing fabric, privacy screen, privacy shade screen, privacy fence screen.
  • Fence nets are rich in colors and can be woven through a variety of colors to form different patterns or cross ribbons. It has both privacy protection function, but also very beautiful and exquisite.
  • Fence screen fabric has a very rich customization options. Light transmittance, woven pattern, unit weight, color, size, edge reinforcement method, buttonhole, etc. According to the different options, they can usually be classified into the following uses: fence privacy barrier, balcony privacy net, debris safety net, warning fence net.

Details of fence screen

  • Made of high-density polyethylene material with imported UV protectant.
  •  Using high quality raw materials, super long service life.
  •  Adopt a variety of weaving patterns and techniques, no shedding, no deformation, more solid.
  •  Advanced processing equipment, the fabric is more even and dense.
  •  Deep-processed reinforced webbing can provide strong support, easy to pull tight and stretch.
  •  Customizable packaging and accessories, able to meet all OEM requirements of customers.

Features of Fence Screen

High Quality

Adopting strict ISO9001 quality management system, the quality of products is stable and guaranteed.

Rich options

With rich patterns and colors, different weaving techniques. More choices, more styles. Can meet the needs of various scenes.

Timely delivery

Advanced equipment and pulsating production lines have greater production capacity to meet customers' delivery requirements.

Application of Fence Screen​

Because of its excellent product characteristics, fence fabrics have a wide range of applications. Excellent UV resistance makes it suitable for outdoor environments, providing perfect shade, wind and rain levels for buildings and residences. The fence mesh fabric has rich colors and designs, and can be used as fence barrier nets, balcony privacy nets, warning nets, and safety protection nets (—–). And with limited tools, pig pen pliers, and elastic ball ties can be installed quickly. Fence mesh fabric is also very suitable for home decoration, construction site barriers, stadium fence nets, sports ground privacy nets, etc.

Privacy Fencing

The privacy fence screen can cooperate with your fence or balcony fence to form a perfect visual barrier. Privacy, shade, wind, and prevent your pets from barking. In addition, it can be used as a temporary fence for safe isolation and protection of passersby.

fence privacy screen for chainlink fence-3
Construction Warning Fence-11

Construction Protection

Construction protection The warning fence net can be used as a temporary fence and applied to the construction site to form an obvious visual barrier. The construction protection net can protect the debris protection during the construction process and the safety of falling personnel.

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