Balcony Privacy Screen

Balcony privacy screen is a kind of privacy protection material woven by high-density polyethylene material, usually used on the balcony or fence of home or commercial place. Alt name as known as balcony privacy net, balcony screen, balcony cover, balcony safety screen.

The balcony privacy net has a reinforced edge specially designed for fence installation and a convenient fixing cable opening (eyelet), and has different colors, patterns, shading rates and sizes. We are a leading manufacturer of balcony privacy screen, and a direct privacy screen factory. 

Balcony Privacy Screen​

What is the key point of buying a balcony privacy screen?

  • Light transmittance. Both light transmittance and shading rate are the keys to buying a balcony privacy net. The shading rate of a balcony privacy net is usually 80% to 95%, that is to say, its light transmittance is 20% to 5%. The higher the shading rate means the higher the privacy protection effect. But the shading rate is not as high as possible. While protecting privacy, it cannot affect the lighting function of residential or commercial places. You can choose a suitable shading rate according to the location of your balcony or fence.
  • Weaving pattern and thickness. The woven pattern also has a great influence on the privacy net. A good woven pattern can provide a reliable and stable shading effect. And weaving patterns will affect the price of the balcony privacy net. Generally dense woven patterns have higher shading rate and thicker thickness. This also means longer service life, with stronger pulling force, wind and snow resistance. In the case of the same shading rate, try to choose a thicker balcony privacy net.
  • Reinforcement method of the edge and lock (buttonhole). There are usually two options, one is the pre-installed metal buttonhole and the edge reinforced with embedded support tape. The other is to use a more dense weaving process on the edge of the fabric when weaving the cloth, and weave buttonholes. (See detailed picture). The first reinforcement method is more beautiful and exquisite, but it is not suitable for over-length fences or balconies. The second method is more cost-effective and can be applied to extremely long fence sizes.
  • Balcony privacy net, balcony screen, balcony cover, balcony safety screen.


  •  With excellent privacy protection function, it can provide different light transmittance, color and size according to customer needs.
  •  It has preset metal buttonholes and also provides reinforced knitted buttonholes. Easy to install and easy to install.
  •  It has a long service life and stable chemical properties. It can adapt to the outdoor environment. It is not afraid of moisture and salt-alkali components in the soil.
  •  Compared with nylon and polyester materials, it has lighter weight, greater tensile force, no water absorption, no expansion, and lower shrinkage.
  •  The privacy fence barrier adopts imported ultraviolet protection agent, which can better resist ultraviolet rays.
  •  Have customizable packaging, and can customize your brand’s paper cards.
  •  The quality is stable and reliable, with a very strict quality management system and stable material suppliers.

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Colors and Pattern


Detailed Information

Item Name

Balcony Screen


Made of High Density Polyethylene

Popular weight

160GSM , 170GSM, 180GSM, 210GSM

Common size (m)

0.9x5m, 0.9x4m, 0.9x6m; 0.75x5m, 075x4m, 0.75x6m; 0.6x5m, 0.6x4m, 0.6x6m;

Common size (feet)

3’x16′, 3’x13′, 3’x19′; 2.5’x16′, 2.5’x13′, 2.5’x19′; 2’x13′, 2’x16′, 2’x19′;


24pcs eyelet for each item, match with 80′ white rope

Shade rate


Popular color

Blue stripe , Yellow stripe, Green Stripe, Orange Stripe, Black, Gray, White

Package details

Pack to small piece with carry bag for hang then in cartons.

Using life

3-5 years, under normal weather conditions and use.


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Applications of Balcony privacy screen

The balcony privacy screen as known as balcony privacy netting, balcony screen, balcony cover, balcony safety screen, has two prominent functions, one is to shade and protect privacy. The second is to supplement the fence to prevent falling and protect pets and babies. When used as a shading and privacy protection net, it can be used as a balcony privacy net, a balcony shading net, a fence privacy net, and a fence privacy net. When used as a protection net, it can be installed on a balcony or escalator, as a balcony pet protection net, a balcony child protection net, etc.

Balcony privacy screen

Balcony fencing screen​

Balcony privacy fencing cloth

Delivery & Package


FAQ about Balcony Privacy Screen

1Differene about copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet of shade cloth.
Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet

Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet.

Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet are materials that will not rust. They are also sturdy enough, and their appearance is slightly different for normal environments. Of course, compared to metal aluminum, metal copper has better ductility and can withstand greater tensile and shear forces.

2How to install the privacy fence?
3How to clean the balcony privacy net?
4What is the packaging style of the balcony privacy net?

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