Agro Shade Nets

Agro green shade nets is a type of plastic netting processed from PE material through a drawing and weaving process, and is also known as agricultural shade cloth, green net, green shade nets, shade cloth, shade netting, agricultural netting, greenhouse shading cloth, sun shade.

It is commonly used to arrange the roof and regulate the environmental conditions such as light and temperature during the cultivation of agricultural products. The shade netting is available in different shade rates and colors. The color can be chosen according to the plants. The shading rate can be selected according to the growth stage of the plant.

agro shade nets green nets for strawberry

The shade rate of agro green shade nets can be applied to different growth stages of plants, for example, plants will need more sunlight during the stem and leaf growth stage, while during the flowering stage, only proper sunlight is needed. 

Shade rates also apply to different plant species. There are many plants in the flowering category that are shade-loving plants, as well as those that prefer mild sunlight, and the same is true for herbaceous plants. Especially for very expensive plants, shade netting is an essential and efficient tool for regulating the environment in order to promote their growth. 

The color will also vary depending on the plant. Most plants need more long-wave light, so the shade netting should be able to transmit long-wave light and shade out short-wave light. The general color of shade netting is mostly dark green and black. The color of the shade netting also affects the shading efficiency and longevity of the shade netting.

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Features of Agro shade nets

  •  Very long mission life and chemically stable. It will not rot and is not afraid of moisture and saline components of the soil.
  •  Lighter weight, low shrinkage, non-swelling and non-absorbent compared to nylon and polyester materials of the same strength.
  •  It can better resist UV rays through the mixture of UV protectants.
  •  Tuohua’s agricultural shade nets have a large daily production capacity, which comes from our advanced pulsating assembly line.
  •  The quality is stable and reliable, thanks to the strict quality management system and stable high quality material suppliers.
  •  The innovative pattern and weaving process has a higher shading rate and stronger price advantage.
  •  Agricultural shade netting has a very wide range of application and is very resistant to storage.

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Detailed Information of shade cloth

MaterialHDPE ( high-density polyethylene ) with UV stabilizer
Knitting typemono+mono; tape+tape; mono+tape
Tensile Breaking ForceLatitudinal ≥ 280N Radial ≥ 180N
Shade Rate20%~95%
Needles2 needles, 3 needle, 6 needles
Weight20grams ~ 350grams
Width0.5 m -12 m / 6′ 12′ 20′
Length10m/30ft, 20m/60ft, 30m/90ft, 50m/150ft, 100m/300ft, 200m/600ft or as your request
Colorblack, green, blue, sand, light green , white, yellow, etc.
TypeWarp Knitted
Useful life5+ years
PackingPlastic bag or Carton

Colors and Pattern

Colors and Pattern of Shade Cloth


FAQ about Agro shade nets

1What is mono wire and tape wire in the shade cloth?
mono + mono shade cloth

mono + mono shade cloth

mono + tape shade cloth

mono + tape shade cloth

tape + tape shade cloth

tape + tape shade cloth

Mono has a higher strength, and tape has a larger unfolding area. Mono fiber and tape fiber can be matched with different shade cloths according to different weaving forms.

●The mono+mono shade cloth has greater toughness and strength, and a longer service life.

●Tape + tape shade cloth has a higher shading rate and higher cost-effectiveness.

●The mono + tape shade cloth is a combination of the two.



2What does 2 needle / 3 needle / 6 needles mean?
needles mean of shade cloth

3 needles shade cloth

The concept of needles is how many needles are distributed in 1 inch.

● In the knitting industry, the part composed of a set of warp threads and a set of weft threads is called a needle.

● How many sets of warp and weft are distributed in 1 inch is called how many stitches.

● This is a term used to measure the density of weaving.

● The shade cloth is usually 2-needle, 3-needle, 6-needle, 8-needle.

3What is the difference between waterproof shade cloth and ordinary shade cloth ?
Waterproof coating shade cloth 2

Waterproof coating shade cloth

●Waterproof shade cloth adds waterproof coating on the basis of ordinary shade cloth.

●Waterproof shade cloth has more functions and applicable scenarios.

●And because the coating increases the toughness and strength.

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Applications of agro shade nets

agro shade nets are used in a wide range of applications. Also called green nets, green shading nets, it is generally distributed globally in low and mid-latitude regions because these regions have more light and more light in summer. Especially in South America region and Europe region, Middle East region. Here there is a very developed agriculture and all have a higher demand. The North American region has also seen an increase in demand in recent years, stemming from the expanding cultivation of medicinal plants. Agricultural shade nets are often used as agricultural shade cloth, shade cloth, shade netting, agricultural netting, greenhouse shading cloth, sun shade. There are environments where shade netting can also temporarily replace insect netting and act as a deterrent to pests.

Flowers shade cloth

Vegetable shade netting

Green shade fabric

Gallery of Agro shade nets application

Factory Tour

Gallery of Agro shade nets

The following photos are the details of some agro shade nets.


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