Commercial Shade Cloth

Commercial shade cloth is based on the drawing and weaving process of PE shade netting, with improved weaving process and density, and higher shade rate and richer color choices. We are a leading manufacturer of commercial shade cloth and direct shade cloth factory.

Usually the edges of commercial shade netting are reinforced with a kind of weaving tape and evenly distributed with metal grommets, which is more convenient for installation and use. The higher density of the shade fabric used in commercial shade screens means higher shade and higher tensile strength. Because commercial shade nets are rarely disassembled after a single installation, they have a longer service life.

Commercial shade cloth_2

Commercial shade screens have a higher shade ratio, usually over 90%. It also has a longer service life, usually over 10 years. It also comes in a wider variety of colors and appearances. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have made higher demands on our raw materials. We use better UV stabilizers, better color masterbatches, and more advanced weave patterns. Our UV stabilizers and color masterbatches are imported from Germany and have the highest international quality requirements. This gives our products a longer service life and UV resistance than other products in the same category, with brighter colors and a more beautiful appearance.


  •  The highest quality requirements for the best quality commercial shade netting.
  •  UV stabilizer and color masterbatch imported from Germany, with stronger performance.
  •  More advanced pattern weaving process, stronger toughness and tensile strength.
  •  Better edge reinforcement process, more neat and stronger.
  •  More stable physical and chemical properties, longer service life.
  •  Better color performance, more beautiful appearance.

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Detailed Information

MaterialHDPE(high-density polyethylene) with UV stabilizer
Knitting typemono+mono; tape+tape; mono+tape
Tensile Breaking ForceLatitudinal≥280N Radial≥180N
Shade Rate20%~95%
Needles2 needles, 3 needle, 6 needles
Length10m,20m 30m,50m, 100m, 200m or as your request
Colorwhite, green, blue, sand, black , white+yellow, etc.
TypeWarp Knitted
Useful life3-5 years
PackingPlastic bag or Carton

Colors and Pattern

Colors and Pattern of Commercial Shade Cloth


FAQ about Commercial Shade Cloth

1How many ways are there for edge reinforcement? And the difference?
Edge reinforcement method of shade cloth (1)

▲1, Use the fabric itself to fold, sew and strengthen the edges. Also known as thickened stitched seam reinforcement method.

Edge reinforcement method of shade cloth (5)

▲2, Use the fabric itself to fold, and add interlayer, sewing, and reinforcement of the edges.

Edge reinforcement method of shade cloth (3)

▲3. Use special webbing to reinforce the edges and add metal grommets at the same time, which is called webbing grommet eyelet.

These three edge reinforcement methods are very common, are very practical and strong. The third type of dedicated webbing reinforcement is the most professional and strong. The first two achieved color uniformity and beautiful appearance.

2Differene about copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet of shade cloth.
Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet

Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet.

Copper grommet eyelet and aluminum grommet eyelet are materials that will not rust. They are also sturdy enough, and their appearance is slightly different for normal environments. Of course, compared to metal aluminum, metal copper has better ductility and can withstand greater tensile and shear forces.

3What is mono wire and tape wire in the shade cloth?
mono + mono shade cloth

mono + mono shade cloth

mono + tape shade cloth

mono + tape shade cloth

tape + tape shade cloth

tape + tape shade cloth

Mono has a higher strength, and tape has a larger unfolding area. Mono fiber and tape fiber can be matched with different shade cloths according to different weaving forms.

●The mono+mono shade cloth has greater toughness and strength, and a longer service life.

●Tape + tape shade cloth has a higher shading rate and higher cost-effectiveness.

●The mono + tape shade cloth is a combination of the two.



4What does 2 needle / 3 needle / 6 needles mean?
needles mean of shade cloth

3 needles shade cloth

The concept of needles is how many needles are distributed in 1 inch.

● In the knitting industry, the part composed of a set of warp threads and a set of weft threads is called a needle.

● How many sets of warp and weft are distributed in 1 inch is called how many stitches.

● This is a term used to measure the density of weaving.

● The shade cloth is usually 2-needle, 3-needle, 6-needle, 8-needle.

5What is the difference between waterproof shade cloth and ordinary shade cloth ?
Waterproof coating shade cloth 2

Waterproof coating shade cloth

●Waterproof shade cloth adds waterproof coating on the basis of ordinary shade cloth.

●Waterproof shade cloth has more functions and applicable scenarios.

●And because the coating increases the toughness and strength.

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Applications of Shade Cloth

Commercial shade screens are used in a wide range of scenarios, including parking lot shade screens, mall outdoor shade screens, restaurant shade screens, patio shade screens, park shade screens, sports field shade screens, court shade screens, etc. Our commercial shade netting series has large customizable single panel sizes. Edge reinforcement is also available to meet your customization needs. You can choose from a variety of reinforcement options and materials. Please refer to our commercial shade mesh product application examples.

Restaurant outdoor shade net

Swimming pool shade cloth

Plaza shade structure

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